# 06-technical-discussion

Ari Kalinowski (they/them) (Delta_Ark)

02/07/2024, 11:45 PM
Do we know if people are using CV inside of games engines in order to give instructions to agents similar to this IRL situation
1. If we were to direct an agent in the scene based on the provided description, the logical course of action would depend on the goals set for the agent. Here are a few scenario-based directions: 2. 3. Exploration: If the agent's goal is to explore the environment, I would direct it to move forward along the path outlined by the arches towards the central figure, as this seems to be a point of interest. 4. 5. Approach Central Figure: If the agent's objective is to interact with or investigate the central figure, the instructions would be to navigate straight down the center of the tunnel-like path, as it appears to be directly accessible and the figure is highlighted, suggesting significance. 6. 7. Avoid Obstacles: If there are any dynamic obstacles not visible in the single frame provided, the agent would need real-time instructions to navigate around them. Based on the image, however, the path appears clear. 8. 9. Exit Structure: If the agent is meant to exit the structure, I would instruct it to follow the path defined by the arches, ensuring it avoids any collisions with the arches themselves, and find an exit at the end of this path. 10. 11. Patrol: In a patrol scenario, the agent could be instructed to move forward to the end of the tunnel, then turn around and come back to the starting point, repeating this path to cover the area effectively. 12. 13. Seek Cover: If the agent needs to take cover (for instance, in a game scenario involving stealth or combat), I would direct it to move to the nearest arch base or shadowed area that could provide concealment.
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