Hey everyone! :wave: I'm Claire, the founder of <M...
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Hey everyone! 👋 I'm Claire, the founder of Maia, your AI Relationship Assistant, designed to be the third-wheel you'd actually want to invite to your relationship! I know it sounds cliché, but relationships are the cornerstone of our lives—be it with a partner, family, or friends. However, sustaining a meaningful relationship isn't as easy as falling in love. It takes work, and that's exactly why Maia was created. 🌱 👫 Calling all couples and people in relationships! 👬👭 🌟 Why Maia? • Maia isn't just another app. It's a personalized AI assistant that converses with you and your partner to help you both be more thoughtful and intentional in your relationship. • Imagine a relationship coach, date planner, and conversation starter all rolled into one platform—That's Maia. 🎉 Key Features 1. Couples Coaching: Mediation, conflict resolution, and relationship theories, Maia covers it all. 2. Date Planner: Tired of going to the same restaurant? Maia finds date spots that match both your interests. 3. Conversation Starters: Deepen your connection through meaningful conversations, guided by Maia. 📲 Join Us Now • iOS Users: Download Maia on App Store • Website: Learn More at OurMaia.com