Hey everyone! I’m Iris, and I've been a product ma...
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Hey everyone! I’m Iris, and I've been a product manager at Scale AI, Studdy AI (YC S23), Google X Robotics, and Microsoft before. As a social entrepreneur, I've been a founder of 2 non-profits leading a team of 60 while fundraising $42,000 to give out 3k free meals at OpenMeal. I am passionate about building products with a scalable social impact. I'm actively looking for full-time product roles and happy to connect https://www.linkedin.com/in/iris-guo I'm attending the Gen AI conference in-person in SF next Tuesday Oct 17th. They have the CEO of LangChain, Founder of LlamaIndex, and AI leaders from SingleStore, Lumix, IBM, AWS, Google Cloud, Unstructured, Quivr, LiveRamp, Monitorbase etc. speaking. It will be a full day packed of learning Gen AI + hackathon + networking. Connect with me on LinkedIn and lmk if you're going! Use iris-25 for the discount code. Register here with iris-25 for 87% discount at $25 per ticket!
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