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Hello! I'm Kizzy from Data Phoenix TeamšŸš€ Webinar: Trends and Applications of AI/ML and Analytics in Sports Date: October 5, 8 am PST / 5 pm CET Who is it for: Sports enthusiasts, data analysts, AI/ML practitioners, coaches, and sports management professionals. Why is it relevant: Join us for this insightful webinar on the Trends and Applications of AI/ML and Analytics in Sports. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, a renowned expert in the field, will delve into the world of sports analytics, covering topics such as player performance, business operations, recruitment, and the impact of statistics in sports competitions. You'll gain valuable insights into both on-field and off-field analytics, helping you understand how data-driven decisions can lead to greater success in the sports industry. Price: Participation is free, but registration is required. Key Highlights: ā€¢ Learn about conventional methods in sports analytics, including statistical modeling on historical and on-field data. ā€¢ Explore current trends such as Computer Vision for visual data analytics, Machine and Deep Learning models for player and team performance forecasting, posture recognition, fitness level assessments, and more. ā€¢ Get to know Dr. Rajesh Kumar, a distinguished speaker with expertise in AI Research and Sports Analytics. Registration: Register Now