Hey everyone! The world's foremost industrial AI c...
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Hey everyone! The world's foremost industrial AI conference, Knowledge-First World, is coming to Stanford on October 11-12! Uncover major topics like: Generative AI with SSMs & LLMs Human-Centered AI: Trust & Safety Industrial AI in the Real-World: Successes & FailuresDiscover real-world AI success stories and the socio-economic & ecological impacts of AI technologies. With Quoc Le, Founding Engineer at Google Brain Chetan Gupta, Head of Industrial AI at Hitachi Urbashi Mitra, USC Viterbi Chair in Engineering Christopher Nguyen, CEO of Aitomatic Rajamani Sambasivam, Chief Data Scientist at Petronas James Cham, Co-founding General Partner at Bloomberg Beta Look forward to: Riveting case studies Panel discussions Networking with investors, executives, and innovators All curated to explore the challenges and opportunities of leveraging human and machine intelligence. Collaborate, learn, and pioneer the next wave of AI advancements! Secure your spot for K1st World Symposium 2023 using this generous discount code for the first 20 members of the Cerebral Valley community: CEREBRALVALLEY