:pray: Any favorite AI assistant-like tools that c...
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šŸ™ Any favorite AI assistant-like tools that can search all of your spaces for files, synthesize context across files/email/Slack, etc. ?
I haven't played with it deeply yet but https://rewind.ai is pretty mindblowing
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Making an AI assistant called LINER. Hope it helps! ā€¢ Copilot that is able to assist you on email and on top of web pages. ā€¢ Doesn't work on Slack yet, but its gonna get there! DM me know if would like a referral code for the Pro membership. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/liner-chatgpt-ai-copilot/bmhcbmnbenmcecpmpepghooflbehcack
Also really looking forward to trying out Copilot on Windows...! It seems to take care of your full workflow. Prob would work great if your company uses Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and etc


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