very random question but do any of you folks in th...
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very random question but do any of you folks in the community know of any tools that can quickly turn a pet picture into a 3D asset in Unity or Unreal? Bonus if it has an API endpoint you can hit, and double bonus points if it runs quickly and returns an asset quickly
im eager to find this out too
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Are you looking for picture of pet -> 2D asset or picture of pet -> 3D model of pet? 2D asset from 2D picture is easy and built into both Unity and Unreal. 3D asset from many 2D pictures of a stationary object is available, eg Luma AI. 3D asset from single 2D picture is something Meta Labs (and others) has done tons of work on and is undoubtedly a core part of their VR plans, but not readily available at high quality today commercially and automatically (to the best of my knowledge).
b Have fun, post results! Can lend you a 10GB RTX 3080 or a 24GB RTX 3090. I want to learn how to do this too