(tweaked the description and posting again) Lookin...
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(tweaked the description and posting again) Looking for a solid tech lead to join me (Laura) as founding engineer at AwakeTeams. Customers, traction, revenue, and still in the chaotically creative early stage phase :). Do you love to create solutions to important problems? Do you care about creating more empathy and connection at work? Are you a good visionary and also willing to do what it takes to bring the vision to fruition? Join me and help realize the vision of scaling interpersonal skills development in the workplace. I am looking for a tech lead to partner with me in figuring out ways to further delight our customers, including the White House Leadership Development Program, Iron Galaxy Studios, and Mintz law firm. AwakeTeams improves quintessentially human skills such as trust-building, communication, and collaboration through tech-enabled delivery of a research-backed curriculum and AI. We measure skills acquisition and impact on the business over the course of each 3-month module. Our data demonstrate that in just one 3-month module skills are acquired and team performance significantly improves. Reach out to laura@awaketeams.com
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