Hi all! :wave: — I'm the head of engineering for <...
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Hi all! 👋 — I'm the head of engineering for Atypical AI. We are combining research in learning science and human-centered AI to build products that will make meaningful impacts on learning—and for learners of all types, background, and ages. We are looking for a Founding LLM &amp; AI Engineer. This is a senior role on our team that will have a lot of impact and influence on the direction of our products and the company as a whole. If you... • are a senior-level engineer who has built product and cares a lot about user experience • have been hacking and building on top of LLMs and have strong intuitions about when to RAG and when to prompt engineer and when to fine-tune • know how to experiment with multiple models and evaluate your model's performance • want to be really early at a startup and work closely with the founding team • most importantly — want to put your tech talent towards a really cool and really impactful mission ... this may be the role for you! This product-focused LLM & AI expertise is essential for us to have as an early member of our team. We recently closed our $4M pre-seed round, we have a beautiful product coming together, and have a few really solid partnerships (which include data ) to focus our efforts and customer testing. We offer competitive comp including early equity, as well as healthcare, 401k, and flexible working hours. So it's an exciting time to join! Please feel free to DM me if you're interested, or just smash that apply link in the job posting. We're also on the Cerebral Valley jobs board (bookmark at the top of this channel). (Note we can only hire US-based teams right now—we hope to change that in the future)
Use of LLMs as a personalized tutor or teaching assistant is extremely close to my heart. Personally, I use ChatGPT almost everyday to understand some or the concept or technology and simply love it. Only thing I find it missing is its ability to maybe generate visual representation of some of the things. These days, I encourage everyone I meet to start using ChatGPT as a personal teaching assistant and actually use it to teach my daughter. I am not very sure what you folks are trying to build but definitely a worthwhile mission. Kudos to you and best of luck.