Hey friends! I’m currently in search of a tech co...
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Hey friends! I’m currently in search of a tech co-founder/CTO for new consumer startup in the EdTech/content creation industry (in stealth mode). I’d be delighted to provide more information in person if you can check off these five boxes: You have a strong passion for semantic search and contextual analysis. You’ve utilized LLMs in other products. You’re ready to work together in San Francisco. You have the potential to fully immerse yourself in the new product within 1-2 months of a successful partnership with me. You feel that co-founding and all the drive and risk-taking that comes with it are a 100% match for you. Here’s what I’ve achieved in two months: an awesome stylish brand, an approved Pitch Deck by experienced YC founders and VCs, product design, user flow, marketing strategy, and interest from three top Valley angel investors with unicorns in portfolio. I did customer research with 100+ people, 400 people on the waiting list, and received credits to access the necessary LLMs and tools. About me: A three-time founder, my last startup thrived in Ukraine with profitability, 20 people in the team, 500k ARR, investments, and competition wins. Unfortunately, that growth was disrupted by war. I bring experience in edtech, tech recruitment, marketplaces, and SaaS. Pasioned by GTM, guerilla marketing, design, customers, fundraising, hiring and network effects, viral loops in products. You can find me on all social media as: Lidiya Terpel. If interested, fill out this form: https://forms.fillout.com/t/rsCnezzfqfus I will get in touch with you. Thank you🤗
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Sounds like a great progress! Keep up the good job, Lidiya!
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