Available*: Fractional VPE / Engineering Coach / T...
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Available*: Fractional VPE / Engineering Coach / Team Lead* Did your team raise VC $$, grow fast, and now engineering is dealing with issues like: • CTO is stuck spending all their time on people management • Product and Engineering aren't coordinating the way you need • Engineers need mentorship, guidance, or focus • Team leads need someone to help them succeed in their roles I've built and lead engineering teams and orgs at startups, unicorns, and fortune 500's, including mentoring junior devs, senior engineers, principal engineers, and distinguished engineers, as well as team leads and managers-of-managers. Able to coach, mentor, handle 1:1's, help build staffing plans, tackle all those people management things that engineering teams need but that nobody in engineering has time to do. And yes, I understand there are times when process helps and times when it gets in the way. Every team is different, but odds are good that increasing engineering velocity, focus, and/or satisfaction are topics worth discussing. Based in SF or remote. DM if any of this sounds familiar