# 07-self-promotion

Sitesh Shrivastava

07/25/2023, 2:19 AM
Hi CV - In past weeks, I've been hacking on Avatar, a platform to interact with people based off their content (tweets & later more). Please see more details on website: I've setup a demo for 10 accounts that I find interesting on Twitter, I'd love for you to try and hear back any input / feedback: (Free, No-signups required) Here's a 1-minute video demo:


Ethan Shaotran

07/25/2023, 6:00 AM
Very cool! Perhaps try to ensure it always responds from 1st person, if you haven’t already

Sitesh Shrivastava

07/25/2023, 6:49 AM
Indeed - it's prompted to act as the direct avatar of the person.