This weekend AI Hero added two more features to Pr...
# 07-self-promotion
This weekend AI Hero added two more features to PromptStash - Evals and Traces. With Evals, you can define your unit tests for your prompt templates using Python. You can run two types of tests: • Programmatic tests: that look like your regular unit tests and use your usual python functions and
statements. • Using ChatGPT: Ask an LLM to evaluate the output qualitatively (e.g. check for language, consistency, etc.) NOTE: This makes your testing non-deterministic. With Traces, you can track the outputs of every step of your LLM (especially if it's a distributed app) and tie different steps (e.g. feedback) with your model prediction. A minor update was also made to the real-time view to help you visualize your recent prompt input and outputs using T-SNE! You can find details and examples here: Python SDK: Version: 0.2.7 With this we are supporting the entire PromptOps chain from research to deployment! Would love to hear your thoughts!