Co-Founder CTO Role: Transform Talent Onboarding W...
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Co-Founder CTO Role: Transform Talent Onboarding With onboarding averaging $6,000 per new hire, taking up to six months, and often leading to unsatisfactory and inconsistent experiences, there's a clear need for change. Enter Our mission is to revolutionize the onboarding process using a generative AI interface, accelerating talent integration, and empowering new hires. We aim to drive rapid productivity gains, free up valuable staff time, and shift leadership focus from administrative tasks to business growth. We're inviting a Co-Founder CTO with a proven track record in AI product development to join us. We'll work collaboratively to steer the product's trajectory, aiming to reshape industry standards. If you're passionate about applying AI to make a tangible impact, please share a summary of your experience directly.
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