Looking for early engineers! Hi all, happy Monday....
# 09-job-board
Looking for early engineers! Hi all, happy Monday. I’m the head of engineering at Atypical AI — we are combining cutting-edge learning science, ML, and generative AI to help improve learning assessment and outcomes for students of all types and abilities. Our founding team is a cool combination of Stanford researchers, founders, educators, and builders all with personal connections to our mission. We are an fast-paced early-stage startup and there are lots of opportunities to make a big impact. I’m currently looking for a couple roles on my team — a full-stack engineer to focus on our product and integrations, and an AI/ML engineer to focus on our data, models, and measurement. If you (or someone you know) would be interested in one of these roles, please reach out to me directly or apply on our web site at https://atypicalai.com/careers/.
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