Hey! I made a backend development tool with GPT-4 ...
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Hey! I made a backend development tool with GPT-4 at this weekend’s hackathon. It deploys any function as an API that you could use anywhere. We’re launching next week and have a waitlist sign up here: https://backendflow.io
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If you’re interested in trying it out, let me know! I can zoom and demo it for you
And if you have thoughts on how it could be better, please lmk
Right now we are targeting no-coders but I’m also curious if developers would use it
You should meet the imaginary.dev team
Yo, that would be sick
Can you intro us?
Yeah hit up Sasha up on Twitter, told him you’d be coming: https://twitter.com/xander76
I am using his library right now and I am sure he’d love to talk to you
The imaginary.dev library is functionally similar to what you’re building, just designed to be used in a SWE workflow — I think both of the offerings are hella compatible
That would be a good integration
They’re working on an IDE plugin right now — Sasha is also an entrepreneur in residence at The General Partnership