Hey all, so Read Panda got selected to demo at Cle...
# 07-self-promotion
Hey all, so Read Panda got selected to demo at Clem's 4000 people Open Source AI Meetup. Would have never ever ever happened had it not been for the hackathon this last weekend, so deepest thank yous to @Ivan Porollo @Aqeel Ali @Lucas C @Avi Schiffmann @Mike Lee @Tarlon Khoubyari and especially coach @Erika Bricky and everyone else who helped organize the event (if I forgot your name it's because I'm running low on sleep 🙏🙏). But we need your help! @Jiaqi Zhou made some really cute sticker designs, and we gave out 50 at the the Replit event on Tuesday. So we have a new goal: give out 1000 stickers on Friday and raise $2000 (we will be matching the first $1000 in donations dollar for dollar) for the Kiwanis Club of Fairfield where my friend Cindy tutored 200 students in reading and math last summer and is on track to double that this summer. So please please, if you're coming tomorrow night, come by our table, pick up a few sheets of stickers, give them to people, get the word out. You all are absolutely wonderful. 🙏🙏❤️🐼
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