AI Podcast Co-Host Wanted! Hey All, We’re creatin...
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AI Podcast Co-Host Wanted! Hey All, We’re creating a podcast all about AI, and we’re looking for a third to join us. Here are the details Pod Goal: Make AI understandable, relevant and interesting for casuals/non-experts ◦ For ‘normal’ people who want to understand the basics and maybe how to get some use from AI Pod Format: ◦ Pick one major concept a week to explain in a conversational, entertaining tone. (examples - Why is it called a ‘Large Language Model’ and what are they anyway? | What’s the difference between Machine Learning and AI) ◦ Pick one startup/product a show to highlight, that people can use in their lives to help them Who you are: ◦ Not a Guy! Sorry - there are already two of us and we don’t want to have a show where we mansplain AI. ◦ Have a technical background and be able to clearly communicate technical concepts to non-technical people ◦ Enjoy talking about tech, a naturally curious, kind soul. Who we are ◦ I was at Google for a while, leading GTM strategy and the chief story teller for a xxxM-user consumer product. I’m building a new company now (Consumer AI space) and have been a leader at a few other startups. Business guy w/ strategy/PM background ◦ My cohost is a former US Marine from West Point, worked as a PM at Amazon and is now a group PM at a data security company. He’s very smart, very funny, very midwestern and can relate to anyone. If you’re interested, shoot over a DM and we can have a chat and see where it goes!
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