anyone know how to make chatgpt wait longer for th...
# 06-technical-discussion
anyone know how to make chatgpt wait longer for the response from a plugin? I’m using langchain summarization behind the scene and it takes about 5 mins to process, but chatgpt seems to expect the response in like 2 mins or so
I'm not sure how to do that, but you could design your api to be a sort job runner. /create-summarization-job • responds with a job id, maybe also pending jobs or a estimated wait time. /list-jobs • started, completed /job/{id} • returns a job's data (including results if available) then the user could go
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User: can you summarize this?
Agent: sure! here is your job id
User: Great. Can you check on my job?
Agent: Here is your summarization:
+1 to what Colin said; additionally, IMO in general chat interfaces aren't ideal for any long-running jobs – the entire magic of chatgpt is the back-and-forth between man and machine
oooooh good point - thanks for the pointers!!