Hey all, So, I'm working on running a Service Safa...
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Hey all, So, I'm working on running a Service Safari (basically a human-centered design study that takes someone through a service/ product experience and get their quick reactions on it as a way to better understand user needs and to inspire creative concepts). I'm looking for a service that: 1. Involves (Gen) AI- assisted tech in some way 2. Only accessible in the Bay Area / North America (this might be the kicker) 3. Ideally having to do with Wellness/ Health/ Learning/ Work 4. Easy to record participants' reactions without too much regulatory overhead (e.g. clinical experience is hard because of HIPPA etc.) 5. Something that is adjacent to consumer electronics, but not limited to it For example, self-driving car is a good one, but I need other examples. Any ideas? (Prototypes are good, too).
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my dad had worked at Tonal if you had heard of it before, it’s like wall mounted home gym equipment with virtual trainers https://www.tonal.com