Asking for help getting Facebook business verifica...
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Asking for help getting Facebook business verification, details below: I’ve been working super hard on a new startup over the last month and I’m just about ready to launch Doppler (

) It’s basically a turnkey white label chatbot platform to allow influencers/celebrities to monetize their fans by building paid chatbots automatically. We’ve got the beta running and it’s ready to launch more widely as soon as we get the Facebook app review approved from Facebook, but that seems to have fallen into a black hole. I submitted business verification and app review 13 days ago and I haven’t heard anything back. Business verification is supposed to take 2 days an app review is supposed to take 5 days, but there’s been no movement whatsoever. I’m blocked from launching until we get this taken care of, it’s becoming a major issue. I’ve reached out to anyone and everyone I can think of but no one seems to know the right team at Meta to talk to or can help get this unblocked. I’m told Meta laid off most of the developer relations team so I guess there’s a huge backlog. Any chance anyone here can get me in touch with someone at Facebook/Meta that can help push this through or at least give me some insight onto what’s going on? I can even offer a financial reward to anyone who actually helps us clear this hurdle, if that helps. Getting kind of desperate here 😅
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Man, really will recommend to avoid fb auth / dependency, it's a continual hell for each iteration. Similar experience from few years back dealing with their explanation for each iteration 😩
Yeah, it’s been nothing but pain, but the whole value proposition is a turnkey automatic system for influencers, and Instagram is where they’re at for the most part. That being said, I have re-architected the entire thing to make Facebook/Instagram optional. It also works with Telegram and other platforms.
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@okgodoit Doppler looks very interesting! Love to try it out once it is fully launched.
It’s fully up and working with Telegram if you want to give it a try: There’s a link on there to set up your own chatbot as well as to talk to the example grimes bot. It’s been over a month and still no approval from Facebook. Even for business verification, which they denied us twice, even though I’ve uploaded all of our official business documents including incorporation documents, the IRS document with our EIN, and even bank statements. But they don’t believe we’re a real company and there’s no obvious path forward other than continually resubmitting until maybe whoever reviews it has a brain in their head. Absolutely ridiculous.
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