I'm looking for some ML tutoring (please read care...
# 09-job-board
I'm looking for some ML tutoring (please read carefully though!): What I've done: -RL in unreal (via plugin) -multi-modal LLM (visual QA) in unreal (via plugin, locally and via replicate API I set up) What I'm looking for (tutoring/instruction): -fine tuning w/transformers library -chaining models w/transformers library -then, pytorch tutoring (perhaps one day, I'll return to IL/RL, but for now, probably just want to do multimodal LLM stuff, in Unreal) I'll handle the UE integration, but I'm looking for tutoring in ML (can pay $50/hr., not much, but was thinking 1x a week, so it's a casual commitment). I'll mostly be implementing ML for games; I'm mostly deeply inspired by voyager (https://voyager.minedojo.org/). So, if you're an "agent-y" ML person, hmu. At work, I'm mostly using plugins; in my own time, I want to get much more "under the hood." Feel free to DM me.