Hey Yall, I am 19 years old and recently completed...
# 07-self-promotion
Hey Yall, I am 19 years old and recently completed coding BootCamp, Full Stack Developer. I am looking for a full-time/ part-time/ internship/contract job. I code with Node.js, PostgreSQL, SQLite, React, Redux, Python, PythonAlchemy, Alembic, Docker, and Flask. I graduated just a couple of weeks before so I don't have as much experience in building full-stack applications as a normal experienced employee would have, but have been building a couple of projects on my own. I have built a self-driving car, so I have somewhat of a hardware background and am familiar with OpenCV, and ML Algorithms (but won't say that certified, but can quickly pickup) I am based in SF and can work in person or remotely (flexible). Background: Former 12-time Founder and intern at an early-stage startup, Junior National Swimmer, dropped out from high school and moved to SF at 16. Best way to reach me: 510 772 5667 sunirkmanandhar@gmail.com