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Last Call Event! 🎙️ Live Webinar: Should I Use RAG or Fine-Tuning? 📅 Date: May 2, 10 am PT 👥 Who is it for: GenAI practitioners, AI engineers, AI engineering leaders 💼 Why is it relevant: Understanding RAG and fine-tuning is crucial for anyone looking to achieve human-level performance in production-grade LLM applications. This webinar will provide essential insights into both processes and demonstrate their practical applications. 💸 Price: Free 💡 Gain valuable insights from Dr. Greg Loughnane and Chris "The Wiz" Alexiuk, as they share their expertise on building and fine-tuning advanced LLM applications. 🔗 Registration: Register now
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@Kizzy was this recorded by any chance?
Yes, thanks for asking! You can find it on our Youtube channel ->