Hey everyone! Join us at the <https://lu.ma/genais...
# 03-ai-events
Hey everyone! Join us at the GenAI Summit San Francisco, 2024, sponsored with Microsoft! 🌟 Speakers from OpenAI, xAI, Groq, Anthropic, Perplexity, Glean, Pinecone, MetaAI, H2O and Weaviate AI etc. 🚀 This is your chance to explore the forefront of generative AI in an exceptional networking environment. 🎫 Enjoy an additional 10% off on top of early bird rates 🐦. Spaces are limited and the rates will be increased soon, so act fast! ❤️ Like, comment, share, and invite your network. Discount code: C1103 can be applied on Luma. Feel free to reach out if any questions.
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