Hi everyone, I am looking for full-time AI PM role...
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Hi everyone, I am looking for full-time AI PM roles. Here is a brief overview of my experience. 1. Product Manager at Skyflow: I’m working on LLM Guardrails, focusing on protecting sensitive information without compromising performance. Please check out my LLM Security blog. : https://devanshus-organization.gitbook.io/llm-security 2. Co-Founder of Papertalk.io: it helps users to easily find, understand, and apply research through AI-Explanations.: https://papertalk.io/ 3. SDE Intern at Tribble: Design pipeline using RAGAS to evaluate AI agent (RAG) performance 4. Research Intern at Berkeley Lab: Design first data versioning-based data management and visualization platform for Quantum Device.: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.14672 5. Software Engineer at Rakuten: Developed APIs in Spring Boot and Laravel Frameworks. I want to build world-class products with world-class professionals like yourself. I am actively seeking Full-time Gen AI PM roles, I love to solve problems, no matter how challenging they may be. Let’s connect and chat. https://www.linkedin.com/in/devanshubrahmbhatt/