If you're looking to meet like-minded people to ta...
# 03-ai-events
If you're looking to meet like-minded people to talk about the human angle of AI, and the direction you'd like to see Agents evolve towards, I'm getting together a curated group in Palo Alto on April 17th for our inaugural Autonmous Humans meetup! Autonomous Humans is a community of people leveraging AI to find personal fulfillment in their lives by delegating mundane or frustrating "jobs to be done" to AI assistants. These tasks, at work or at home, often detract from our ability to engage deeply with what we find most meaningful. By automating these aspects of life, people can redirect their energy and time towards pursuits that genuinely enrich their lives, whether spending time with family, engaging in personal reflection, or dedicating themselves to more impactful work. It's not just about being more productive by delegating tasks to AI Agents but about redefining productivity in terms of personal fulfillment and enrichment as a result of using AI at home/work. https://lu.ma/d82hacfc