Introducing <WhyHow.AI>’s Knowledge Graph Creation...
# 07-self-promotion
Introducing WhyHow.AI’s Knowledge Graph Creation SDK, nicknamed “Understand”. We first started augmenting RAG systems with knowledge graphs when we were trying to build more accurate chatbot solutions for legal professionals. We quickly realized that this is a very challenging process and there is a gap in existing developer tooling for performing graph RAG. Even our CTO, someone with a decade of experience and a PhD in KGs, felt the pain. We set out to build the developer experience we wished existed for structuring knowledge and creating more deterministic information systems. One of our first products we are beta-releasing is our “Understand” SDK, which is a basic Knowledge Graph Creation framework. We want to make sure we deeply understand how our design partners are using this tool. We’re limiting free API access to the first 100 beta users, so to get the API, please ping us at with a description of your use-case, or find some time with us on our calendly at WhyHow.AI.