Offer for you :blush:: if you’re hiring, doing pho...
# 07-self-promotion
Offer for you 😊: if you’re hiring, doing phone screens, or have a “stack” of resumes I’ll help with one role, no cost. I’m a founder myself, looking for a few friendly people to test the latest version of my product. • First customers filled Product Design, Engineering, Sales, and Operations roles in 2.5 to 5 weeks • ⁠Zero manual time reviewing resumes ⁠ • testimonials: “I interviewed the first five candidates Conversa recommended, I could have hired all five of them”⁠ • 2x Founder, previous startup 120M at series A; recently led talent community of 8k+ women and poc to land high impact roles in tech with 97% retention rate Y1, 11% promotion rate Y1 DM or