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🚀 Assort Health is hiring for Senior Software Engineers and New Grad Engineers! 🚀 Our vision is to eliminate the time it takes for patients to receive the care they need, while alleviating providers of the administrative burden and costs--one call at a time! To achieve this, we're scaling up the first generative AI call center for healthcare. This has already produced real results in large healthcare organizations in the country, reducing call drop rates, eliminating hold times and improving the patient care navigation experience. As an early engineer, you will be a cornerstone to our company's growth and success, working with cutting-edge generative AI and voice/transcription models + technologies. If you are a self-starter who is ready to wear many hats and build build and scale products from zero-one, then this is the perfect role for you. We have PMF, paying enterprise customers, and a strong pipeline of inbound customers that we plan to onboard this year. We're supported by top-tier institutional lead investors like Quiet Capital, as well as several angels, including the former CMO of Flatiron Health and board director of Athena Health, and the founders of Infinitus, Mercury, Mammoth Biosciences, and PathAI. Please DM if you or a peer you know could be a good fit! About us: https://www.axios.com/pro/health-tech-deals/2024/03/14/assort-health-ai-call-center[…]um=social&utm_campaign=pro_edit_regwall_01-24&utm_term=regwall https://finance.yahoo.com/news/wait-times-real-time-assort-203500879.html
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