# 03-ai-events

Ari Kalinowski (they/them) (Delta_Ark)

03/17/2024, 7:15 PM
The Serpentine is Live-Streaming the Release of its new AI Report, think it would be interesting to some folks here --> 'Future Art Ecosystems 4: Art x Public AI' launches on Tuesday! Our fourth annual strategic briefing provides analyses, concepts and strategies for cultural organisations, artists and the broader art and advanced technologies ecosystem responding to the transformations of AI systems on culture and society. #FAE4 addresses the following questions: How should the cultural sector define ‘public AI’ and why is it important? What are the different ways in which artists are shaping AI systems? What identity issues is AI surfacing for how artists and arts organisations operate? How can the cultural sector develop empowered strategies to deal with the challenges and opportunities of AI? How can AI systems transform the relationship between cultural institutions and the datasets they manage? Join us live on 19 March at 7pm GMT for the launch of FAE4 live on Twitch with lead researchers and authors: Eva Jäger (@legrand_jager), Victoria Ivanova (@vivanova101), and Alasdair Milne (@aldmilne), and an introduction from @kayhannahwatson and @hansulrichobrist. Link in bio 🔗