# 03-ai-events

Ramya Venkateswaran

03/13/2024, 10:46 PM
👋 Daily and The GenAI Collective are partnering to host an AI & Voice Summit on March 20th, at the Newton in SF. Join us by signing up here.
There's more. To celebrate the release of our new open source framework for multi-modal, conversational AI we're announcing "_The Most Interesting Bot In the World" contest_
Bring your AI voice bot with you for a chance to win fabulous prizes and the acclaim of your peers (both human and AI). Here's how it works --
1. Create a generative AI voice bot.
2. Tweet a video demo or link to your live bot, tagging @genaicollective and @trydaily. Briefly describe your tech stack in your tweet or thread.
3. DM @Kwindla Kramer over Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn a link to a web page where we can interact with your bot.
4. We'll talk to your bot. If the conversations make us think, laugh, cry, or jump up and down in excitement, we'll make a short recording of us interacting with your bot.
- We'll play some of the recordings and award several prizes at the event, including an RTX 4090 (or cash equivalent) and piles of credits and swag from various GenAI Collective friends and partners.
More details here. Reach out to us with any questions!