Hey there! I’m writing to invite you to our upcomi...
# 03-ai-events
Hey there! I’m writing to invite you to our upcoming conference, GenAI for Business San Francisco’24, taking place during GDC. On March 19, you can connect with entrepreneurs, VCs, researchers, developers, AI enthusiasts, and others. Don’t miss a chance to: • Build new business connections; • Discuss the hottest topics like “UGC with AI Tools in Games”; • Get insights from major speakers including Jeremiah Owyang and Burcu Ozcengiz; • Keep networking during the Game Developers Conference; • Get in touch via the online meeting system, WN Hub, available before, during, and after the event; • Take part and explore the showcase of AI tools! You can join us with a 5% discount code “GenAI” and apply for the developer showcase (there are a few spots available) on the same website! Feel free to reach out with any questions or to claim one of complimentary tickets 🙂