Hi everyone! :) I’m <Hazim>, and together with my ...
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Hi everyone! :) I’m Hazim, and together with my cofounder Carin Gan we’re building CoffeeSpace, an app that algorithmically matches people looking for cofounders or just exploring ideas for the tech space and beyond (i.e. Tinder/Hinge for folks exploring ideas). We’re backed by exited founders, YC-backed founders, and angels from Google, Meta, and Quantum Black. We’ve just finalized our partnership with Antler and will be engaging other accelerators, incubators and schools next to help people in their communities to find cofounders/actively explore their ideas. Short backstory: I was thinking of an idea while still workin in a full-time job but for ~1 year I didn’t really do anything about it since it felt daunting to tackle it alone. It wasn’t until Carin reached out randomly by commenting on my Facebook post did we start talking and exploring the idea together over weekends. So we know first-hand that two strangers passionate about the same problem space can build together. Our app just launched on the App Store and Google Play last week so if you’re currently looking/exploring you’re welcome to join!
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