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🎙️ Live Webinar: Exploring Infrastructure Management for GenAI Beyond Kubernetes 📅 Date: March 14th, 10 am PST 👥 Who is it for: Enterprise tech leaders, infrastructure engineers, GenAI developers, open-source enthusiasts 💼 Why is it relevant: The traditional Kubernetes stack, while powerful, faces challenges in the era of Generative AI (GenAI). This webinar will explore alternatives like dstack that are designed to meet the unique demands of GenAI infrastructure management, offering insights into how these solutions can provide a more tailored, efficient approach for deploying and managing GenAI applications. 💸 Price: Free 💡 Gain insights into the future of infrastructure management in the AI era with Andrey, Founder & CEO of dstack. Learn about the advantages of open-source solutions like dstack over traditional Kubernetes for managing GenAI applications. 🔗 Registration: Register now Andrey, with his rich background in open-source, developer tools, and cloud technologies, including his experience at JetBrains with the PyCharm team, brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion on optimizing infrastructure management for the next generation of AI applications. Follow DataPhoenix on LinkedIn, X, and YouTube to stay updated with our community events and the latest AI & Data news.