The upcoming <LLMOps.Space> event is about "Buildi...
# 03-ai-events
The upcoming LLMOps.Space event is about "Building Multi-Modal Search and RAG with Vector Databases". 🚀 In this session, Zain from Weaviate will discuss how we can use open-source multimodal embedding models in conjunction with large generative multimodal models to perform cross-modal search and multimodal retrieval augmented generation (MM-RAG) at the billion-object scale with the help of open source vector databases.💡 📌 Register here: 📆 Date & Time: March 13th, 2024 | 8.30 AM PST | 5.30 PM CET He will demonstrate, with live code demos, how to perform the cross-modal retrieval in real-time and enable insightful use of LLMs for multimodal data.
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