Hi everyone! My friends and I made an AI secretary...
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Hi everyone! My friends and I made an AI secretary that talks on the phone for you. It screens for and processes marketers, spammers, and other unsolicited callers so you don't have to! It works by giving you a dedicated second phone number which has an AI on the line 24/7. You can even configure it to screen for your primary phone number! When someone calls this number: ā€¢ the AI picks for you and chats with them to figure out why they're calling ā€¢ if the call seems urgent, we'll transfer it to you. Otherwise the AI will take a message ā€¢ you can monitor the conversation in real time, receive notifications for each call, and (soon) customize the AI behavior You can see a demo in the video below. We'd appreciate any feedback (feel free to DM me)! If you hate unsolicited calls, claim a screener phone number here: app.opencall.ai
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