# 09-job-board

Muskaan Bawa

02/17/2024, 4:15 AM
Opportunity: Senior Software Engineer at Latch Latch is an AI legal tech startup and we've been growing incredibly fast since launching in April 2023 (logos include Quora,, Netlify, Tumblr / WordPress, Spanx, F500 companies). We are looking for genius level hackers to help us builds the worlds best AI contracts lawyer! The Ideal Candidate: • LLM Experience is a plus • Experience working in a startup environment is preferred but not required. • Have a "do what it takes" attitude. You're willing to dive into problems and solve them yourself — as one of our first engineers, you won't have anyone to delegate to. • Move quickly. You have a bias towards doing things today, rather than tomorrow. • Are excited about the adventure of building a company!