Hello Peers! :wave: I’m excited to share somethin...
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Hello Peers! 👋 I’m excited to share something that represents a significant leap forward in how we approach software testing - OrangePro. Our venture is redefining the landscape of testing with a clear focus: using AI to build an intelligent co-pilot for software testers. 🚀 What Makes OrangePro Unique? Our platform is a game-changer in automating the end-to-end testing process, from test case generation and identifying test gaps to test data generation and creating comprehensive test plans. By handling these repetitive tasks, we free up testers to concentrate on higher-value activities, ensuring better use of their expertise and time. 🛠️ The Impact of OrangePro: We’re bridging the gap between SaaS products and their customers by making it easier for testers to spot regressions quickly, thus enabling them to ship products with unmatched quality and reliability. Our tool is not just about automating tasks; it’s about enhancing the entire testing lifecycle through smart integration of incident insights, defects, and documentation for a well-rounded quality perspective. 🌟 Why Your Endorsement Matters: As we continue to develop our platform, with a streamlit app already in testing with early enterprise users, your support is crucial. We’re on the brink of rolling out our MVP, and every endorsement brings us closer to transforming software testing for B2B enterprise customers, MSPs, and IT service consultancies. Endorse OrangePro By endorsing us, you’re not just backing a product; you’re supporting a vision that seeks to empower testers with AI, making them more efficient, and their work more impactful. Your endorsement helps us move a step closer to redefining productivity and quality in software testing for enterprises that prioritize security and privacy. Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey 🙏🏻
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