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# 03-ai-events
🎙️ Live Webinar: A Whirlwind Tour of ML Model Serving Strategies (Including LLMs) 📅 Date: January 25, 10 am PST, TODAY 👥 Who is it for: Data scientists, ML engineers, AI practitioners, developers 💼 Why is it relevant: This webinar, led by Ramon Perez from Seldon, delves into the diverse world of machine learning model serving strategies, including those for Large Language Models (LLMs). It's an essential session for anyone interested in understanding the various approaches to deploying ML models, from traditional systems to the latest in LLMs, along with practical dos and don'ts in the field. 💸 Price: Free 💡 Get ready to embark on a comprehensive exploration of ML model serving strategies. This session promises to be a jargon-free yet insightful journey, ideal for professionals looking to deepen their understanding of ML deployment complexities and innovations. Registration: https://lu.ma/l8hx98bm?utm_source=slack