# 07-self-promotion

Michael - ClosedAi

01/17/2024, 8:03 AM
Hi folks. I assume this channel is about innovation and progress and I’m asking for your help. We are putting together a museum of ai, what has occcurred across the last x years to now with an informative speaker line visual artist working on a Microsoft Tay station • getting a replica of an Enigma Machine • an IBM Watson Jeopardy interactive • an interactive multi-sensory AI smell station (this one is crazy!) • first social robot • AI art from University of Granada Art department.up across 7 days. We intend to to host museum of ai in San Fran, New York, London, Dubai and Sydney this year. If you have any input or think your business could be involved please dm me. We already have the known tech business behind this but hoping this channel can provide something 1+1=3