# 09-job-board

Jugal Patel

01/15/2024, 11:13 AM
Hey friends, We are looking for tech evangelists to share our work at Leap Labs with the world. This will start as content creation contract work to dive deep into what we are building, where model eval and interp exist today, and how it will look different when it matures. We are hoping for the right candidate to come on full time for our DevRel role. The first assignment will be a blog post. Some potential topics to cover: • The state of model evaluation: how far it has come and how much further it needs to go • Model development and evaluation is built on hope and guesswork • Knowledge discovery: what have these models learned that we don’t know? And how to we uncover this knowledge? • If we understood them better would we fear them less? ◦ bans on facial recognition technology ◦ High-stakes applications not being approved because of lack of understanding how they work (ie. Medical devices/software) ◦ bans on the use of LLM’s • Multi-modal is really just two different types of data; discreet and continuous. We expect this to take research time to understand Leap Labs and the ecosystem at large, which we will cover. If diving deep, learning about new tech, and sharing your findings with the world is fun this may be the assignment for you! It does require some ML technical expertise and understanding.
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