Staff Backend Engineer at Early-Stage DataOps Star...
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Staff Backend Engineer at Early-Stage DataOps Startup Hi folks, We’re looking for a Staff Backend Engineer at Linea! At Linea, we’re working on the next generation of data pipeline tools. You will be joining on the ground floor of an effort to fundamentally shift how we think about running data workflows. Our origins stem from UC Berkeley’s RISELab, where the founders of Databricks came from. Our team has a wealth of industry experience in DataOps/MLOps from leading AI organizations such as LinkedIn, Google, Scale AI, Domino Data Lab, Microsoft, and NASA. We’re well-funded by multiple large institutional investors, and we’re proud to have the support of renowned advisors and investors, including the co-founders of Databricks and Kaggle, as well as the former US Chief Data Scientist. Ready for the challenge? Learn more and apply at