GPT on a Leash: Evaluating LLM-based Apps & Mi...
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GPT on a Leash: Evaluating LLM-based Apps & Mitigating Their Risks Date: December 12th, 10 am PST Who is it for: Data scientists, ML engineers, AI practitioners, tech managers Why is it relevant: This webinar, led by Philip Tannor of Deepchecks, delves into the complexities of testing and evaluating AI systems, particularly LLM-based applications. Attendees will learn about the unique challenges in this area, including dealing with unstructured data and ensuring appropriate content and context in responses. Price: Free Philip Tannor, co-founder and CEO of Deepchecks, brings a wealth of experience in ML research and data science. Join us to gain expert insights into responsibly managing and mitigating risks in LLM-based applications. Registration link: Register here Stay updated with the latest in AI and Data Science by following DataPhoenix on LinkedIn, X, and YouTube.