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🔥*Last Call Webinar*🔥 - Advanced Language Model Tuning Techniques [+QA session] Date: December 7th, 10 am PST Who is it for: Data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI specialists, technical managers Why is it relevant: This webinar, led by Harpreet Sahota from Deci, is a deep dive into the art of fine-tuning base language models for specific tasks. It covers specialized fine-tuning, instruction tuning, dataset preparation, model quantization with the BitsAndBytes library, and an exploration of the PEFT & LoRA techniques and the TRL library. Price: Free Expect a comprehensive session on advanced techniques in language model tuning. Ideal for those eager to bridge the gap between model objectives and specific user requirements. Registration link: Register here Stay updated with the latest in AI and Data Science. Follow DataPhoenix on LinkedIn & YouTube.