Call for "Soap-box" talks at the MLOps Community H...
# 03-ai-events
Call for "Soap-box" talks at the MLOps Community Holiday Party next week: We're excited to see you at the holiday party next week! ​In the spirit of community and sharing of joy and good tidings, we request proposals from you, the community, to share your victories and learnings from your journey this year. These should be short presentations, impromptu talks, or quick (prerecorded) demos not more than 2 minutes. Some example topics for your inspiration. Tell us: - ​How you balanced speed and safety in MLOps workflows and trade-offs in your design. - ​How you scaled MLOps across your organization, and your learnings - ​How you approached monitoring and maintaining machine learning models in production, and your "aha moments" - ​Your take on the future of MLOps with evolving AI technologies. - ​Please note that these should not be product/tool marketing pitches!
If you haven't RSVPed already, would love to see you there!