# 09-job-board

Avy Faingezicht

11/29/2023, 5:14 PM
🚀 Hey team! I’m hiring our team’s first AI engineer! We’re building a financial data platform to give accounting teams super-powers. We’ve signed customers, raised a seed round from top investors like Lightspeed and BTV, and are heads-down building. I used to manage the Siri Metrics Platform team at Apple, and we’d be working very closely together if you decide to join us! Data and document generation is at the core of our offering, and we’re looking for a founding AI engineer to join us in SF (no remote hires). Our stack is Python 🐍 + React on AWS with a good amount of dbt and duckdb 🦆. We haven’t picked our AI stack so you’d have a hand in building it from scratch. DM me here, or shoot me a note to if you’re interested. Please send people our way if you have friends who might be a good fit!