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# 03-ai-events
🚀 AI Developers, Startup Founders, Students: Ready for a Challenge? 👾 Join the "*Advent of GenAI Hackathon*" on Dec 5-11. A week-long journey into Generative AI awaits, packed with daily challenges to test your skills. 💆🏼 Dive Deep into LLMs and experiment hands-on with Intel's AI Developer Cloud. Experience the power of Intel Xeon CPUs and Intel Data Center GPU Max! 🌟 Build a Jupyter Notebook-based application that could win you cloud credits and recognition. 📢 Enroll by Dec 2: https://adventofgenai.com 👀 Who organizes? Prediction Guard and Intel Liftoff for Startups 🌐 It's a virtual hackathon for all AI enthusiasts