:sparkles: Wed, Nov 22nd… Join us for an AI Co-Wor...
# 03-ai-events
Wed, Nov 22nd… Join us for an AI Co-Working Day with 🦍 Susa Ventures & 🧠 Cerebral Valley! 🤖 Hey there, AI founders, builders, and aficionados! This Wed, Nov 22nd, we’re hosting an AI Co-working Day in San Francisco. Whether you’re looking to power through your project solo or eager for some dynamic discourse, we’ve got you covered! Join us for an opportunity to dive into a day of creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge conversation. 🎬 Also, don’t miss the chance to opt into showcasing your work during the Demo session. ​Please make sure you fill out the questionnaire so we can prioritize your awesomeness. Space is limited. 🚀 Schedule of the Day: - 9:30 AM: 🚪Doors open! Grab a seat and set up your tech. The innovation begins! - 12:30 PM: 🍽️ Lunch is on us! Refuel with lunch provided by 🦍 Susa Ventures. - 4:30 PM: 🍹 Demos & Drinks - Share your genius and toast to new connections. 🧠 DM @cerebral_valley on Twitter or email support@cerebralvalley.ai with any questions. This isn’t just another day at the office; it’s a relaxed chance to weave new partnerships and get game-changing feedback from peers who speak your language. 🦍 Big thank you 👏🏾 to Susa Ventures for sponsoring the event. Reach out to derick@susaventures.com if you’d like to explore Susa supporting your startup. https://partiful.com/e/v5Xk8AwwtF1vvwrhZpjB
Hello Derick! We are by door now. Just came by. Can we go in?
I am in the list