Dear all, I'd love to invite you to two events I'm...
# 03-ai-events
Dear all, I'd love to invite you to two events I'm co-organizing. (1) The first edition of The AGI Buzz Conference: a gathering for anyone willing to debate our place in the world and our future as humans in times of A(G)I. The event will take palce on Saturday 18th November, 9am-4pm at the Celo HQ, 550 Treat Ave, San Francisco. We will host talks and workshops from experts in field. However, this conference is much more: we will also give the floor to the participants to discuss topics related to AGI and present their conclusions on stage. Anyone is welcome to step forward and share their opinions, predictions, and ideas! I will also chip in with a little talk on my predictions for the evolution of the job market in times of A(G)I. 😊 We set the registration fee to $10 as we need to properly feed our participants. Please help us get some Panda Express for everyone :) Please register here: 🔥
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